Entrepreneurship Development

1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship in Design:

  • Understanding the role of entrepreneurship in the design.
  • Overview of successful design-driven entrepreneurship.
  • Importance of innovation and creativity in entrepreneurial.

2. Fundamentals of Design:

A. Core principles of design (e.g., balance, contrast, rhythm, scale).
B. Introduction to various design disciplines (graphic design, product design, UX/UI design, etc.).
C. Case studies on successful design projects.

3. Business Basics for Design Entrepreneurs:

  • Introduction to business concepts, including business models, revenue streams, and market analysis.
  • Understanding customer needs and behaviour.
  • Legal aspects of running a business.

4.  Design Thinking and Problem Solving:

A. Applying design thinking methodologies to solve real-world

B. Iterative design processes and

C. Collaborative problem-solving

5. Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skills:

  • Cultivating creativity and innovation.
  • Risk-taking and resilience in entrepreneurship.
  • Developing a growth mindset.

6.  Market Research and Analysis:

A. Techniques for market research in the design industry.

B. Identifying target markets and customer segments.

C. Competitive analysis and positioning.

7. Branding and Communication:

  • Creating and building a brand identity.
  • Effective communication strategies.

8.  Funding and Finance for Design Start-ups:

A. Fundraising options for design entrepreneurs.

B. Budgeting and financial management for design ventures.

C. Understanding the financial aspects of design projects.

9. Entrepreneurial Ethics and Social Responsibility:

  • Ethical considerations in design entrepreneurship.
  • Social responsibility and sustainable design practices.

10. Pitching and Presentation Skills:

A. Crafting compelling pitches for design projects.
B. Presentation skills for engaging clients and investors.

11. Building and Managing Design Teams:

A. Team dynamics and collaboration in design projects.
B. Hiring and managing creative talent.
C. Leadership skills for design entrepreneurs.