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Comprehensive Training Programs: Provide extensive training programs for faculty and staff to ensure that they are well-versed in your curriculum, teaching methodologies, and the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Quality Curriculum and Materials: Offer a well-developed and up-to-date curriculum with high-quality study materials (wherever it is required). Provide continuous updates to keep the content relevant and in line with industry standards.

Marketing and Branding Support: Assist franchisees with marketing strategies and materials to promote their center effectively. This can include digital marketing assets, advertising templates, event promotions and social media campaigns.

Exclusive Access to Industry Networks: Provide connections with fashion designers, industry experts, and potential employers for students.

Regular Workshops and Seminars: Conduct regular workshops and seminars for faculty and students to enhance their skills and keep them updated on the latest industry developments.

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    Operational Support: Offer support in setting up and running the franchise center, including assistance with facility management, IT infrastructure, and administrative processes.

    Regular Reviews and Audits: Conduct regular reviews and audits to ensure that franchise centers are maintaining the required standards. Provide constructive feedback and support for improvement.

    Regular Communication Channels: Establish clear and open communication channels to address concerns, gather feedback, and provide ongoing support.

    Industry Exposure & Branding: Franchisee Centers will have the chance to exhibit their exceptional creations in a high-profile annual fashion show, attracting key figures from the fashion and interior industries.

    VIP Access to Industry Excellence – Franchisee Students Exclusive: Franchisee students will receive VIP passes granting them complimentary access to the most anticipated event in our calendar—the Annual Fashion Show or any other high-profile event and experience the glamour of the industry and get the chance to encounter with fashion celebrities and models, fashion icons, and renowned personalities who frequent our annual showcase.

    Benefits to Franchisee Centers

    Training and Development Support: Enjoy the incredible advantage of a world-class training program to your faculties and Students without any financial burden on your center.5 Days Master Classes to the trainers and 5 Days Master workshop to the students on every half-yearly with no-cost Trainer Master Classes. Your center enjoys significant savings, contributing directly to your bottom line. Enjoy the incredible advantage of a world-class training program without any financial burden on your center.

    Marketing and Advertising Support: Benefit from local leads generated through precision-targeted digital marketing efforts. Our cost-effective strategy ensures a high return on investment. Witness tangible results as we drive potential students to your doorstep, enhancing your center’s enrollment figures. Additional marketing events and advertising support are tailored to your center’s revenue and are subject to approval, allowing for a personalized and strategic marketing approach.

    Industry Exposure & Branding: Experience unparalleled industry exposure and elevate your brand through our exclusive Annual Fashion Show event. As a valued franchisee center, you enjoy the exceptional opportunity to participate at no cost. This strategic investment in your center’s visibility is our commitment to fostering your success and prominence in the fashion education landscape.

    VIP Access to Industry Excellence – Unlock VIP access to industry excellence exclusively for franchisee students! Twenty students from each center will be granted complimentary passes to our Annual Fashion Show. Elevate your students’ journey with this unique opportunity to witness and engage in the pinnacle of fashion, all at no additional cost.

    Regular Monitoring, Reviews and Audits: Ensure operational excellence with our Quarterly Monitoring, Reviews, and Audits program. Benefit from a comprehensive visit by our Head Office, fostering open communication and providing valuable reviews and audits. We are delighted to extend this offering at no charge to our esteemed franchisee centers. This reaffirms our dedication to enhancing your success and optimizing operational efficiency.

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